anthem (colossus) 

Project: ANTHEM

Company: Henchmen Studios

Standing at 8 feet tall and weighing in at 150 pounds, this wearable and mobile suite of colossus was build by myself and my build partner Nick, during our time at Henchmen Studios in Toronto. This was one of 4 suits built as an interactive promotional tool for Bioware and EA's upcoming game ANTHEM.

With a 6 week turnaround time, this suit needed to be both light and easy for the wearer to get into. As such the legs were built by modifying painters stilts with and aluminum frame to give the appropriate shape to the legs. The upper body was one piece that once the wearer was secured into the legs was able to be lifted by one person over the wearer and secured to the legs. All and all it took less then 5 minutes to get in and out of the suite with assistance from no more then 3 team members.

The Armour of the suite was made using a mix of EVA foam fabrication and 3d printed parts. They were backed with sintra and attached to the frame of the suite using threaded rods for easy assembly and disassembly for storage and shipping.

The paint job was done in just under 2 days using custom mixed acrylics and airbrushing to be as accurate as possible to the provided assets. For time efficiency most of the rusting effects were achieved using oxidizing paints. All the armor parts were finally sealed using a flexible automotive matte clear coat with a .75mm build up.