M6H Halo


This 3D printed replica of the M6H sidearm from Halo measures 35cm long 5.3cm wide and 26cm high (13.7'x2.1'x10.2') . It is lit with 3 , 5mm red LEDs and one 5mm yellow LED powered by a 9v battery.

Since this prop was 3D printed it allows it to be both strong and light weight, also cutting down on the overall build time. All the 3D modeling was done in house by me from reference photos

The paint job was done by laying down an aluminum base coat then airbrushing the topcoat on and weathering using 320 grit sand paper exposing the aluminum base coat. A wash of black oil was then applied to add more depth to the weathering. The hole prop was then sealed with an acrylic matte finish.