THE ASTRONAUT. indie film Ship build

These two hard edge ship models were build for the Canadian independent film “The Astronaut” produced by Buck Head Productions.

The larger of the two ship models sits at 6feet long and 5.5 feet wide, the smaller of the 2 sits at 4.5 feel long and 4 feet wide. Each ship was 3D printed using PLA and Ultimaker printers and are supported with a steel frame running the length of each body and wings. The ships are detachable from each other and have welded hard mounts allowing them to sit securely on 3 chroma keyed stands that are 4 feet tall. The engine lighting is a simple LED circuit, each running off a 9 volt battery. The windows on the smaller of the two ships are keyed out in red so that passengers could be added in post production.

This hole build from design to print to the final product was done in 28 days.